About us


Cortex was born in Terrassa, a small town near to Barcelona, in the beginning of 2014. Our team, formed by textile engineers, is a perfect combination of a sport addicts and hi-tech lovers.

As a fabric producers, we were working with several other brands and discovering that all the big ones were not using the tools that we had. Tired of seeing that the sector was not offering the best available technologies, we decided to create our own brand where the word Technical is not a simply marketing resource. For us is the reason to be.

Why we are here

Our mission is to develop the best products for people who feel that sport is part of their own lives. We are focused on improving the athletes performance by providing the ultimate technologies and the best designs.


Becoming a global leader in the market of technical fabric for sport, which satisfy the needs, feelings and expectations of the user has to be the core of our work.